PE Suppressor & VIP technical details

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Technical details

General Description
The video was digitized into 8 bits and fed to a one PRF store. This stored data was compared with the next PRF of live data If the difference f the two had a magnitude then the data was passed to a digital to Analogue converter for use as radar video as it was assumed not to be primarily Permanent Echo data.

For conversion of the video to digital data a DATEL ADC-EH8B1 A - D converter 8 bit 1 uSec. converter was used. Housed in a large plastic 32 terminal dual-in-line package. Its dimensions were 2 in. x 2 in. x 0.375 in high. Despite being specified at 0 to 70 deg C temp range its drift with temperature was one of the weak points of the system.

The digitised data was stored in an array of MM5058 1kx1bit Static Shift Registers, strung in pairs to make a 2048 x 8bit store.

74181 4-bit Arithmetic Logic Unit