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Windfinding Radars

Decca Radar Limited built the WF1 Windfinding Radar and the later WF2 from 1956 through to the mid 1960's. The Bureau installed it's first and only WF1 radar at Cairns Airport in February 1961 after testing it at Laverton the previous September.

The cabin which was made of plywood rotted out so badly it became necessary to do a major overhaul of the radar. The radar was temporally replaced by a WF2 in 1966 whilst it was rebuilt into a WF2 fiberglass cabin. The Bureau had supplied a Transmitter/Receiver unit to the Hong Kong Met. Service as theirs had been burnt out and was left with the extra cabin .The WF1 units were fitted to this cabin, the transmitter being bolted externally.Around 1968 the WF1 in WF2 clothing was returned to Carins and the WF2 installed on Willis Island. Another 10 years were to pass before the WF1 was to be retired, finally to be replaced with a true WF2.

Comparison of WF1 & WF2 Specifications

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