Tell me what you know!WF3 as a mobile radar

The WF3 radar filled a role as a static or mobile windfinder for a number of short projects. It also made appearances in a couple of unusual places!

Some of the places WF3 radars visited
Tindal N.T. (Feb. 1970) Defense Exercise "Caster Oil"
Kangaroo Is S.A.(Jul. 1970)
Waikerie S.A. (Jan 1972) for the National Gliding Championships. Here it was also used to track over 100 gliders to establish their starting positions.
Daly Waters NT (Jul. 1974) for Boundary Layer Project
Thursday Is. June 1978 FGGE Project

'Mobile Met'
The infamous 'caravan' - was constructed in 1972 . It was specially designed to be a drive up, and unfold meteorological station. The vibration it suffered each time it traveled caused a fair amount of work for those techs who set it up each time is was deployed. It originally was intended that two would be built.
Some of the projects the Mobile Met WF3 was involved in:
Oct. 1975 - Environmental monitoring of the Concorde flight over the Nullarbor
Dec. 1981- Cold Fronts Research Project at Horsham Vic.
The following year it went to King Island. Again as part of the Cold Fronts Project.
It went to Nowa Nowa Vic. for two successive years for bush fire research by the CSIRO.

Exhibition Appearances
Twice the radar found itself inside! First as part of an exhibition for 20 days in early 1972 to celebrate WMO day one was setup in the State Savings Bank on corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets Melbourne. Not to be outdone the W.A. techs put a WF3 in the ANZ Bank Perth for WA Royal Show for seven days in late 1975. Later again the Mobile Met with WF3 was set it up in Melbourne's city square for a World Met Day display.

Foreign Shores
The Bureau has been responsible for installing WF3 radars in other countries.
Among these were:
Kupang Indonesia March 1973 as gift from Australia under WMO Voluntary Aid Program (commissioned by Herb Adler)
Port Vila New Hebrides installed and again commissioned by Herb Adler in late 1971
Rabaul P.N.G. May 1976
Lae P.N.G. Nov. 1978