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British Storm Warning Radar for Australia
This was the heading in the October 1962 edition of the English "The Radio Constructor" magazine.

Saddle Mountain 2100 feet above and to the north of Cairns (Qld.) was chosen as the site for the Wandana Radar Station. Wandana is aboriginal for "See far away". First a route into the site had to be found and it required the construction of two bridges and 2 miles of road through very thick rain forest. The total cost of the road was 50,000 in one section the grade is 1 in 3. A shed was provided at the entrance to house a jeep for use to drive to the summit.

Transmitter Cabinet

The road and building being completed in 1960 before the Cossor radar was ready, the Marconi SNW51 radar destined for Sydney was temporally installed. To make Rarep observations, Met.Office staff would drive 20 miles from the Cairns Airport then transfer to the jeep for the final ascent to the radar. Their reports were then communicated back to the airport Met. Office by radio telephone.