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The SNW51, manufactured by "Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company Limited", was tested at Laverton in Sept. 1960 before being first installed temporarily at Saddle Mountain above Cairns in Queensland January '61. (The Cossor radar replaced it in late 1962.) Then it was reinstalled in June 1963 on the roof of Commonwealth Centre about 250 feet above Elizabeth St. in Sydney. Here it was used for Joint Approach Control Meteorological Advisory Service (JACMAS) during thunderstorm activity. It was moved again when that office shifted in Sept. '72. (4)
This radar was finally decommissioned on 31st August 1982. (5)



The other radar the Bureau owned was sited in 1960 at Byron Bay on the north coast of NSW, operated by the Lighthouse Staff. It appears to have been maintained by Queensland Techs at sometime as well as those from Sydney later in its life. This radar operated for about twenty years before it was handed over to the Queensland Aviation Museum in Caloundra in 1988.(1,2)

The antenna was manufactured by Scanners Ltd, and NSW region had an extra antenna assembly which allowed them to service both systems on a routine basis.(3)



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Elevation meter Photo showing PE's Iso-echo Unit